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Development Services

We offer a fully-integrated development program optimized for nationwide expansion. Embree Development Group, Inc. and our sister company, Embree Capital Markets Group, Inc. work in tandem to meet your real estate goals while keeping in mind your financial interests.

“It was very comforting for us and our investors to know that we had such a reputable firm like Embree behind us and with so many dedicated and professional people trying to make good.”

– Bruno Duarte, Alliance Capital Management

  • Embree Development purchases the land, develops the property per the specifications of the tenant/client, and functions as the Landlord under a long term lease.
Fee Development
  • Embree Development provides turnkey development services for a client/partner and is paid a fee for these services. Typically the client owns the land and improvements.
Ground Lease Services
  • Embree Development will acquire the property and design, entitle and construct all horizontal improvements. Client/tenant will pay for all vertical improvements. The client will be the tenant under a long-term ground lease.
Reverse Build-to-Suit
  • Embree Development acquires the property and funds all development/construction costs in order to complete the project. The tenant/client will secure all entitlements/permitting to develop the property and overseas the development/construction of the project.
Site Selection/Acquisition
  • This is a crucial service for tenants who do not own their own site. We will find the perfect location for your business/company and acquire it for your use. Whether you are looking for site selection services for healthcare, QSR, or any other type of space, our experience lends us the expertise for any field
  • With land ownership, renting, and selling comes time-consuming paperwork that can impede progress. The real estate entitlement process can be intricate and take up time better spent on other projects. Let us handle the legal jargon and make the process simpler for you so that your projects can be completed on time, on budget, and on schedule
Design/Program Management
  • We will oversee your design needs. Our close connections to top industry professionals guarantee solid construction design
Architectural, Civil, MEP Engineering, and Structural Management
  • When we say that we are full-service, we mean it. If you need engineering experts, we’re on it. If there is a real estate or construction problem, we have solutions
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