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Construction Services

Great construction services are the foundation of any business venture. Established in 1979 with a focus on stability, expertise, and scalability, Embree Construction Group is dedicated to producing quality construction projects in ideal target markets across the country. Since its inception, Embree Construction Group has implemented over 14,000 projects across all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada. We are proud to serve as a total outsource partner for design, budgeting, permitting, landlord approvals, constructions, procurement, project closeout, and much more. Together, let’s start building.

“We received numerous calls from folks in the market as well as on the landlords side saying how great the branch looked.”

Summer Wainman, Sr. Project Manager
Chase Bank

  • A dedicated team with over 50 years of retail design experience
  • Thoughtful, informed planning and decision making
  • Client-specific layouts and customized review processes
  • A network of outsourced partners with retail design industry expertise
  • Strong partnership with real estate by providing feasibility schedules and sketches along with Landlord Work Letter reviews and lease language
  • Standardized schedules with key milestones to track progress
  • Public reports with real-time status updates and weekly distribution reporting packages
  • Analysis of budget trends in the marketplace
  • Quality products delivered on time and on budget:
    • Feasibility Sketches
    • Surveys
    • Schedules
    • Schematic Design Packages
    • Design Development Packages
    • Conceptual Modeling and Rendering
    • Construction Documentation
    • Shop Drawing Reviews
    • Revisions
    • Responses to RFIs
  • Review of plans with Design team at layout commitment handoff
  • Perform take-offs and verify vendor quotes in advance to mitigate risk
  • Work with Design and Construction teams to identify any deltas to prototype
  • Manage budget from design to open
  • Store budget files updated to reflect real-time data with change orders
  • Input/reconciliation of purchase requisitions per client-approved budget
  • Manage vendor protocol with verification of receipt-of-purchase order, production, and delivery date
  • Manage vendors, weekly reports, conference calls, monitor production, quality, delivery, and provide proactive solutions
  • Communicate damage reports, pictures, and containment plans to ensure no impact to store opening or construction schedule. If there is an impact on construction, we will work with the vendor for chargebacks to ensure no cost impact is realized.
  • Communicate to GC vendor delivery schedule, Field Inventory Report, and the Open Items Procurement List for turnover when the construction is complete.
  • Feasibility Budget: square footage costs based on union/non-union factors for interior or exterior locations
  • Cost Analysis
    • Trend Reporting: Spend, Use, Industry
    • Life Cycle Management and Warranty
  • Budgets
    • Based on approved floor plans and elevations
    • Budget generated using baseline costs, regional factors, construction schedules, and historic data of similar projects from within the region
  • Conduct an on-site pre-punch one week prior to turnover to ensure quality and verify all items are in proper working order
  • Conduct an on-site turnover walkthrough with store operations to indicate the quality and function of the store
  • Follow up with store operations and Construction Manager, ensuring the store opens per schedule
  • Coordinate with construction administration and review the close-out package prior to submittal to the client within 30 days after store opening. This may allow quicker reimbursement of tenant allowance.
  • Construction management utilizing dedicated Construction Managers
  • Review the construction documents for potential conflicts and cost savings prior to bid
  • Review all criteria for landlord required initiatives
  • Contact tenant coordinator and establish a relationship with landlord’s representatives
  • Verify permit status and city requirements
  • Select three to five qualified contractors to bid the project
  • Qualify bids against regional factors and previously awarded projects in the region
  • Conduct a robust selection process to ensure GC, Project Manager, and Superintendent are best-in-class
  • Conduct a pre-construction meeting with Design, Procurement, Construction, Project Coordinator, and General
  • Contractor to generate a quick and smooth start on site
  • Ongoing project status communication
  • Utilize Expesite and provide real-time information
  • Embree will work to assist in the rebrand of your stores to coordinate with dictated business models
  • Embree works with your Store Team, Operations, Design, and Procurement departments to establish a budget and phasing plan that enables completion of construction in the shortest time frame with the least impact on store revenue
  • Open store remodel
  • Closed store remodel
  • Refresh from an existing design to updated prototype

Embree will work with you to develop your capital expenditure program to ensure business objectives are met

  • Embree will work with you to execute quick-turn projects in multiple locations across the country
  • Embree can manage the store survey process by utilizing either licensed architect firms, site surveys of specific elements for store design, budgeting, and construction purposes
  • We offer a wide array of services to help you address any ADA compliance issues that may arise
  • Embree will assist with managing all aspects of store closings including demolition of branding elements, existing fixtures, and prepare the space for landlord required turnover
  • Embree will work with your Real Estate and Design teams to effectively budget the allowance and perform construction to accommodate store improvements to comply with lease agreements and tenant occupancy
  • Embree works with several landlords to provide tenant coordination services for their property
  • Due to our extensive network of construction professionals, we are able to bridge the gap of services between the facility maintenance staff and large project construction. Examples of facilities projects include:
    • Replacing plumbing lines to rebuild stores after a line break
    • Repairing store due to damages/catastrophic events
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