Our Team

Jim Embree of Embree Group

Jim Embree

ChairmanThe Embree Group of Companies

Rick Crowe of Embree Group

Rick Crowe, CSP

Vice Chairman, General Counsel & Safety DirectorThe Embree Group of Companies

Philip Annis of Embree Group

Philip Annis

PresidentEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Rocky Hardin of Embree Group

Rocky Hardin

PresidentEmbree Capital Markets Group, Inc.

Frank Krenek of Embree Group

Frank Krenek

PresidentEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Mark Henderson of Embree Group

Mark Henderson

Vice President of OperationsEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Rob Borchardt of Embree Group

Rob Borchardt

Vice President of AccountingEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Josiah Byrnes of Embree Group

Josiah Byrnes

Vice PresidentEmbree Capital Markets Group, Inc.

Cory Delz of Embree Group

Cory Delz, PMP

Vice PresidentEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Dave Fremmer of Embree Group

Dave Fremmer, PMP

Vice President of Design & Construction ServicesEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Steve Schreiber of Embree Group

Steve Schreiber, PMP

Vice President - Real Estate LegalEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Anthony Bollinger of Embree Group

Anthony Bollinger

Chief EstimatorEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Bill Gipson of Embree Group

Bill Gipson, AIA

Senior Director of Design & ConstructionEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Beth McCracken of Embree Group

Beth McCracken

Senior Director - Retail Services and ProcurementEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Bill Taylor of Embree Group

Bill Taylor

Senior Director of Healthcare, Design and Construction ServicesEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Tommy Waters of Embree Group

Tommy Waters

Director of Development ServicesEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Beau Embree of Embree Group

Beau Embree, PMP

Director, Design & Construction Services - Healthcare, Medical DivisionEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Director of LicensingEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Churee Carrillo of Embree Group

Churee Carrillo

Director of MarketingThe Embree Group of Companies

Ali Donoho of Embree Group

Ali Donoho

Director of Estimating Embree Construction Group, Inc.

Denise Valenta of Embree Group

Denise Valenta, PMP

Division Manager of HealthcareEmbree Asset Group, Inc.

Brady Gandy of Embree Group

Brady Gandy, PMP

Division ManagerEmbree Construction Group, Inc.

Steve Shaw of Embree Group

Steve Shaw

Division ManagerEmbree Construction Group, Inc.